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Using this website

This latest version of Paul’s website has been developed not only as an improved portal to give you all the required information you may be interested in with regards to Paul’s career, but also to best make use of the latest available internet & device technology at the same time.

The site now works across multiple devices, and allows you to see the site either against the usual black background, but also now against a minimalist white background. Look for the ‘lamp’ icon on the navigation, to turn up the lights & try the site in this new colourway!

We have tried not to provide too much in the way of descriptive text, in favour of offering a more ‘visual’ navigation experience. You can hover over most items, to learn more about where that image will take you, but we encourage you to simply take a journey through the site, using the visuals as your guide.

This new site has been a bold move for us and we will always be looking to update & enhance everything as we move forward, so if you have any feedback, or encounter any issues, we would greatly appreciate your feedback here, for us to keep improving things.


Paul regularly adds videos of recent paintings in development, information on new collections, as well as other subjects that are hopefully of interest to you! These videos can be viewed by simply clicking on the controls for each individual movie. You can then enlarge that video to full screen on your computer or device, by using the same controls.

Take care not to keep too many videos playing at once, or you will not only slow down the speed of the video, but will also start to hear many soundtracks playing at once. If you have any comments on the videos themselves, we’d love to hear from you.

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Paul has a comprehensive portfolio of work, spanning some 20 years. We will be using the portfolio section to show you a selection of Paul’s favourites. We will be regularly adding and updating the portfolio, to keep it fresh and to show older retrospective pieces, so be sure to re-visit regularly!

The portfolio has a ‘filter’ function, which will allow you to sort & filter the paintings by subjects that interest you. Why not take a look at all of Paul’s London sunsets? Or how about looking at any New York watercolours?

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Online Purchasing

We have taken a lot of time to try to make the process of selecting and purchasing paintings as simple as possible. All paintings are shown with a range of alternate images, which we hope will let you get as good a feel for the actual piece as possible. In some cases, we are also able to offer video, showing the painting, either during the painting process or as a finished piece. Please take note of the actual dimensions of each piece, as the photos are not in scale in relation to each other, and in some cases the largest, most commanding pieces can appear the smallest on screen!

We use SagePay as our secure payment gateway, which allows you to pay using a Credit Card or an existing PayPal account. We are available to speak to at any point during UK office hours (9.00 am – 5pm GMT) on +44(1271) 862844, to help you with any part of the selection/payment process. We are also able to take secure credit card payments over the phone, if you would prefer.

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Contact Paul

If you have any questions about using this website, or have any feedback or comments, please click the link below and send us a message via the contact form.