London works 2021: Virtual Studio Tour & 360VR Video


Explore the studio space in VR

Take a tour around Paul's studio, which is currently displaying a selection of artworks from his London Studio Collection & 365 Project

We are excited to share with you our recent experiments with Virtual Reality (VR) experiences in Paul’s studio. We are all missing the opportunities at the moment to view and appreciate artwork in a gallery environment, so we have been looking into ways we could offer something approaching that to you, exploring the possibilities of what can be done using the latest VR technologies available.

Whilst Paul features a VR experience on his 365 Project website, this uses a computer-generated system, which while it allows you to navigate around the virtual gallery, does not work in a true, photo realistic 3D environment. These latest experiences allow you to truly look around the studio space, either as a virtual tour around the building which you can control, or as moving 360° videos, where you can actually watch Paul at work in the studio. This initial 360 video was just a chance to have a light hearted bit of fun with the technology, to see what we can do in the future to bring you more immersive painting & viewing experiences with Paul in the studio or even plein air painting on location.

You can view these experiences in a number of ways. It can be as easy as just watching directly on your desktop computer or  mobile device. To take the experience even further, you can use a basic, affordable VR headset for your mobile phone, such as Google Cardboard, or even better, using a  full VR system such as the Oculus Rift/Oculus Quest, HTC Vive or PlayStation VR devices. Using a VR headset will allow you to truly explore the studio in an immersive 360° three-dimensional environment!

We have created two initial experiences of the studio, where Paul is currently showcasing a selection of works available from his London studio collection, as well as a range of smaller London pieces from his recent 365 project. There is a full selection of works on metal, canvas and paper, painted with resin, watercolours, pastels, oils & acrylics.

Virtual Studio Tour

Here you can navigate around the studio at your leisure and see each piece up close

Start the Virtual Studio Tour

360VR Video

Here you will experience the sights and sounds with Paul as he paints, sketches and explores the studio space!

Watch the 360VR Studio Video

London Collection

All the paintings you can see displayed in both of these Virtual Reality experiences can be seen in more detail and purchased either here on Paul’s main website, or on the dedicated website for the Paul Kenton / 365 website:

This exploration of what we can offer you in the future, with a more immersive VR experience, is a work in progress. We hope to refine the experience to make it more enjoyable and realistic for you over time. Any feedback or suggestions are most welcome, just use the contact form to get in touch

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