‘Autumn Leaves’ – A Woodland Limited Edition Print by Paul Kenton

64" x 48", Limited Edition Canvas on Board, Woodland Landscape Limited Edition Print by Contemporary Cityscape Artist Paul Kenton. Available to Purchase.

Details of this piece


“Autumn Leaves”


64" x 48"


Limited Edition Canvas on Board


Limited Edition Print


Black floating frame



This painting is now sold

Autumn Leaves

64″ x 48″
Limited Edition Canvas on Board. Part of a limited edition print run of 195.

This piece captures the wonder of an autumn woodland, when the landscape is transformed into a riot of vibrant ambers, deep reds and golden yellows. Dynamic splats, daubs and flicks of paint are built up layer upon layer to create depth and a highly textured surface, emulating the many textures you would see in reality. Hints of shimmering metallic paint emphasise the light filtering down through the tangled canopy of branches above.

Working outdoors through all weather conditions is imperative to my work, as it allows me to experience the true essence and dynamism of a place.

"Autumn Leaves"

Limited Edition Canvas on Board

"Autumn Leaves"

Limited Edition Canvas on Board

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