‘London Overlook’ – A London Cityscape Limited Edition Print by Paul Kenton

40" x 40", Triple Strike Flatbed Print on Aluminium, New York Limited Edition Print by Contemporary Cityscape Artist Paul Kenton. Available to Purchase.

Details of this piece


“London Overlook”


40" x 40"


Triple Strike Flatbed Print


Limited Edition Print


Black floating frame




This painting is now sold

London Overlook

40″ x 40″

Triple Strike Flatbed Print on Aluminium

Part of a limited edition print run of 195.

Using the lustrous quality of aluminium, Paul draws the viewer’s attention the iconic silhouette of the shard in this hand-signed limited edition artwork. The shining waters of the Thames weave a calm path through the densely built up metropolis as a single red bus dashes over Tower Bridge, bringing a pop of colour to this tranquil dusk scene.

My work is heavily inspired by the differing times of the day and the effects these throw across cities. I am fascinated by natural light and the way it interacts with buildings

"London Overlook"

Limited Edition Print on Aluminium

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