‘Times Squared’ – A Times Square New York Original Painting by Paul Kenton.

30" x 30", Oil on Aluminium. Times Square New York Original Painting by Contemporary Cityscape Artist Paul Kenton. Available to Purchase.


Times Squared

Energetic drips of paint portray the vigorous movement charging through this iconic intersection

Details of this piece


“Times Squared”


30" x 30"


Oils on Aluminium


Original Painting


Black floating frame




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Times Squared

30″ x 30″

Oils on Aluminium

A futuristic vision of Times Square, New York, where Bitcoin and Ethereum imagery now dominate the zeitgeist. In this new imagined world where cryptocurrency has taken over, the Ethereum emblem can be seen on the predominant screen. Energetic drips of paint portray the vigorous movement charging through this iconic intersection. Taxi lights stream through Manhattan’s urban landscape, whilst neon illuminations reflect on the streets and the surrounding skyscrapers. Exposed gleaming aluminium allows for stunning reflections, which can transform the piece under different light.


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‘Times Squared’ is an Original Times Square Painting by Paul Kenton. Paul regularly visits New York to continue to find new urban landscapes and skylines for inspiration. You can join Paul on one of these trips in this video from his YouTube channel here. Likewise, this video shows Paul working on”New York Hexaptych”. Spanning six panels, this unique statement piece engulfs the viewer in the immense scale of the New York City skyline and its towering high-rise buildings. The video features a great soundtrack by Blues Funk Orchestra/Utril Rhaburn, filmed in Central Park on the last day of the trip.

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