‘Transcendent Peak’ – Mountainscape Original Painting by Paul Kenton.

72" x 48", Oils on Canvas. Rugged mountainous terrain captured with a highly textured surface and striking black lines. Mountainscape Original Painting by Contemporary Cityscape Artist Paul Kenton. Available to Purchase.


"Transcendent Peak"

Rugged mountainous terrain captured with a highly textured surface and striking black lines

Details of this piece


“Transcendent Peak”


72" x 48"


Oils on Canvas


Original Painting






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Transcendant Peak - Close-Up Image

“Transcendent Peak”

72″ x 48″, Oils on Canvas

This piece is painted with many layers to form the rugged peaks and troughs of the mountain. With a long brush dipped in black paint, Paul paints vertical lines over the raised surface of the painting, revealing the texture and detail of the mountain underneath. In this contemporary twist on a traditional subject, Paul’s strong use of line, texture and rich black paint results in a striking piece that evokes a sense of danger and mystery.


Transcendant Peak - Close-Up Image
Transcendant Peak - Close-Up Image
I don’t know exactly where my painting will take me next, but I do know that maybe the journey is more important than the final decision
Transcendant Peak by Paul Kenton, UK Contemporary artist, an original mountain painting from his Seascapes and Mountainscapes Art Collection

"Transcendent Peak"

72" x 48", Oils on Canvas

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‘Transcendent Peak’ is an Original Contemporary Mountain Painting by Paul Kenton. To explore more artworks inspired by the phenomenal extremes of the natural world, please view the Seascapes and Mountainscapes Collection. There are also a selection of mountainscape paintings and prints available as part of Paul’s 365 Project, whereby he challenged himself to paint everyday for an entire year. You can learn more about Paul’s 365 Project by watching the Official 365 Project Trailer.

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