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Unique Paul Kenton Timepiece Collections

Art and time converge to create magical and timeless works

Bespoke watch collaboration with Humbert-Droz

Launching 29th March 2024, 7pm Paris CET / 6pm London GMT

Paul has recently been working on a unique and exciting partnership with Parisien Watchmaker, Humbert-Droz. In the exclusive collaboration, Paul has hand-painted unique watch faces to integrate into their iconic HD11 series of timepieces. Each watch face is then hand-built by Humbert-Droz into one-of-a-kind watches, where every piece becomes its own original work of art. Two collections are initially available: “Time Captured In The City” & “Love Is A Journey”

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“Love Is A Journey”

In this collection of 20 unique timepieces, Paul applies scarlet reds and true blacks to create a fiery contrast. Humbert-Droz describe the collection as follows:

Love as a path, a journey through time
Every moment is a shooting star.
Every second shares a firmament,
Time is a canvas on which love places its brush,
In the dials hide the silent secrets of personal stories.
Spirals of life turning into sweet mysteries,
Each line, a path traced in the ephemeral.

"L'amour est un voyage"

'Love Is A Journey' Collection

“Time Captured In The City”

In this collection of 18 singular, hand-crafted watches, Paul harkens back to his earliest roots in cityscape art – utilising dripped lines in stark monochrome. Humbert-Droz describe the collection in this way:

Inspired by contemporary urban life, these 18 paintings reflect the ambiances of landscapes created by man and nature.

The dials condense in the same place the artificial lights of a city center as well as the more subtle ambiances of a foggy dawn.

The layers of depth and expression provide a fascinating glow over a city suspended by time.

"Time Captured In The City"

18 unique editions available

Launching 29th March 2024, 7pm Paris CET / 6pm London GMT

Visit the Humbert-Droz website to see each individual timepiece that has been created, from both collections.

View all the timepieces here

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