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Paul was born in Derby in the late sixties, but his family relocated to North Devon when he was eight years old, a move which looking back was pivotal in Paul’s development as an artist.

Paul showed an interest in painting from an early age; while others wanted to be doctors or pilots he clearly remembers telling a teacher that he wanted to be an artist. This was cemented when, at the tender age of twelve, he won a national colouring competition – winning a prized set of paints. It was also around this time Paul began his life long fascination with the sea and surfing. He continued to draw and paint all through school painting in watercolour and focused on capturing the many moods of the North Devon Coast.

I love finding the balance between old and new, traditional and modern, in my work

on the book "Metallique II"

Paul Kenton, Plein Air London

“It’s not the location that entices my eye, per se, but the way the light reacts on a whole spectrum of surfaces. That is the city to me.” - Paul Kenton


Pauls painting style has evolved into a free flowing fusion of various media, choosing not to stick to the constraints of any one medium, simply picking what he feels would communicate the ideas he has for a piece best.

Paul’s paintings have continued to evolve and Paul has become one of Britain’s most successful and sought after artists. Paul is currently exhibiting throughout the UK in over thirty prestigious galleries, and has followers and collectors all over the world. In 2012 he was commissioned to paint three large pieces for the 2012 London Olympic games, the paintings were to capture the mood and excitement of London and the Olympic park during the games, and were hung in the Olympic park for the games. Paul was one of the contributing artists for ‘The Big Egg Hunt 2012’ which was one of the largest and most interactive public art displays London has ever seen.

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

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