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Welcome to Paul Kenton’s Gallery – Whilst primarily known for his cityscape paintings of London, New York and Paris, Paul creates art across a variety of genres. Paul’s diverse selection of contemporary original art and paintings available to purchase also include digital/NFTs, urban landscape, landscape, seascapes and mountainscapes, watercolour, motorsports, abstract and retro art.

Please contact us if you have any questions, require any assistance or would like to arrange a virtual viewing. This can then be arranged via video conferencing using a method suitable to you. Paul’s works are viewable by visiting any of the curated Collections on this Gallery page. Alternatively, you can choose to view works in a more basic format using the links below:

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New York Dash by Paul Kenton, UK Contemporary artist, a Manhattan Cityscape original oil painting from his New York Art Collection

New York Collection

A frequent visitor to the New York streets, Paul is passionate about absorbing and drawing inspiration from this most dynamic of cities, hence reflected in this collection of original paintings and prints.

Possibly the most immediately identifiable skyline in the world, the Manhattan cityscape is utterly enthralling. Whilst there are many easily recognisable skyscrapers in the skyline, walking the streets also feels intimately familiar, as the sights and sounds of timeless photographs, movies and tv shows surround you. Paul strives to bring this energy and intimacy into each of his New York cityscape paintings.

View the New York Collection here

London Collection

This collection of dynamic cityscapes and abstracts of the UK capital reflects Paul’s love of London’s urban landscape and skyline, one of the most recognisable in the world.

The skyline features a unique blend of buildings both old and new that distinguishes the London cityscape from so many other capitals. Paul strives to reresent this iconic element of the city’s culture in all his paintings, always seeking to best highlight the diversity of the architecture and to encapsulate the multitude of moods this provokes.

View the London Collection


Digital Art / NFT Collection

In this unique collection, Paul explores the infinite possibilities of expanded colour palettes and motion using purely digital formats, minted on Blockchains as NFTs.

Working within the same genres and subjects as his physical paintings, Paul aims to push the boundaries of expression in his artwork using this dynamic art form.

View the Digital Art / NFT Collection

Abstracts Collection

Paul creates this striking collection of large-scale contemporary abstract paintings with bold gestural marks and vivid colour to achieve an illusion of depth, vigorous motion, and to ultimately express feeling.

Painted on a monumental scale, the viewer can immerse themselves within the many intertwining layers of luscious paint, and feel the energy and rhythm of Paul’s painting process.

View the Abstracts Collection


International Cityscapes Collection

Whilst Paul is primarily known for his cityscape art of London, Paris and New York, his love of painting varied urban landscapes and skylines extends to all of the incredible cities the world has to offer.

Inspired by his travels to some of the most beautiful and unique cities in the world, the Urban Landscapes Collection captures iconic scenes of city culture and life from locations such as Venice, Amsterdam and San Francisco, to name a few.

View the Urban Landscapes Collection here

Seascapes & Mountainscapes Collection

A collection of dynamic seascapes and mountainscapes, reflecting Paul’s love of surfing & the ocean, as well as his appreciation of the majesty of mountain skylines.

Through his original seascape paintings, Paul conveys the immense energy, power and motion of the water, whilst his affinity with the extremes of the natural world is also explored in his original mountainscape paintings.

View the Seascapes & Mountainscapes Collection

The Retro Collection by Paul Kenton, UK contemporary artist, retro inspired original paintings

Retro Collection

Each piece in the collection takes a classic 80s symbol as their focal point, layering them with bold painted abstraction.

Vibrant neon paint is dripped, poured and scraped over the metal reflecting a sense of the restlessness of the 1980s with its non-stop development of exciting new technologies.

View the Retro Collection

We hope you enjoyed these contemporary art paintings by Paul Kenton, which are all available to purchase.

If you have any questions about any of the art you have seen here, please get in touch via the Contact page, or to arrange a ‘virtual’ live viewing, please visit the Viewings page | You can keep in touch with Paul’s latest work via his social media channels: See photos of latest works, as well as drop in on live plein air and studio painting sessions on Paul’s Instagram channel | Subscribe to Paul’s YouTube channel, to watch archived original painting sessions and timelapses, as well as location and collection videos.

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