Cold Water Swimmer

For a long time now I have wanted to create a piece of art using live music as a source of inspiration. I am fortunate enough to know two incredibly talented musicians; Pete Bruntnell and Dave Little who live local to me and were well up for coming into my painting studio for the day to play some music, drink some coffee and see what we could create.

Pete had written a song called ‘Cold Water Swimmer’ and as I love to swim and have a real connection with the sea this song seemed like the perfect starting point for this adventure. I really tried to keep an open mind and not plan my painting too much before I started as I wanted to be inspired by the sounds, rhythms and moods of what I was hearing and let this direct the marks and shapes that I was putting on the canvas.

I chose to paint using thick Oil Sticks and do all of the colour mixing and blending using my hands with no brushes or palette knives a technique I have been using for some of my larger pieces. The result was a great day of painting and I feel really lucky to be surrounded by such creative and talented people.


Paul Kenton:

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