London / New York

I have always wanted to pair these two vibrant cities, as I am captivated by the similarities they share in their immense scale, diverse culture and non-stop liveliness.

What an incredible experience! It has forever been a dream of mine to exhibit in New York, and in March 2019 this finally became a reality. After months of painting and preparation, I launched my latest collection ‘London / New York’ with a solo exhibition in New York. Organised by Castle Fine Art and hosted by Chase Contemporary Art Gallery in Manhattan, the show united two of my favourite cities. I have always wanted to pair these two vibrant cities, as I am captivated by the similarities they share in their immense scale, diverse culture and non-stop liveliness.

In October 2018 I began exploring ideas for the new collection, travelling to New York and London to immerse myself in the cities and to gather inspiration to take back to the studio. Joining me on my New York trip was my creative assistant Mat Stillo, who took on-location videos and photographs, many of which can be seen in my new limited edition book which showcases the new collection. Below you can view the film Mat filmed and edited to promote the exhibition.

Paul Kenton, New York October 2018

During my travels, I filled sketchbooks with immediate sketches of anything that caught my eye. The time I spent painting in-situ was essential to the creation process as it gave me a sense of more than just the visuals, but also the people, lights, sounds and smells that give a place its unique identity. This direct insight is invaluable for creating a more dynamic and authentic painting. A highlight from my trips was being filmed painting in Times Square by Good Morning America and broadcast to 20 million people – very surreal!

All of the sketches I created during my travels can be found on my Instagram, where you can follow my personal goal to paint every day for a whole year.

Inspired by my observational sketches, my paintings in the new collection transport the viewer to the most captivating and iconic locations in London and New York. As well as portraying quieter moments with subtle tonal palettes, I capture the exceptional energy of both cities, using quick fluid brushwork, and layers of rich colour and texture. Throughout the collection, abstract paint marks express the vitality of the cities and come together to create an illusion of form and structure.

The show at Chase Contemporary was so thoughtfully curated, with each painting given the space to be appreciated individually, as well as together. Serene riverbank sunsets were placed next to bustling urban scenes, creating intriguing contrasts. As always, I loved seeing my work hanging on a white gallery wall as it gave so much clarity to the colours and reflections. Alongside my work, text was displayed on the gallery wall to offer visitors context and an insight into my processes, techniques and inspirations, which you can read about in my new book London/New York.

As the exhibition in New York drew to a close, we launched the collection at Castle Fine Art in Covent Garden, London. Both shows were a massive success, and had a great buzz about them. In fact, it was so busy at the London opening that I spent two hours signing my new book, and didn’t even have the chance to finish my beer!

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who was involved in launching my new collection, and to all who came along to see my work.

You can visit my website to view my London Collection paintings, as well as my New York Collection paintings. You can also see all my other available artwork in the main Gallery.

Promo Video by Castle Fine Art for my London/New York Collection Launch

Paul Kenton:

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