Motorsports Collection

As some of you may already know, I am a classic car enthusiast and my fascination with their timeless mechanics and design has lead me to restore several cars in my time. My Motorsports Collection celebrates these prized vintage motors and pays homage to the halcyon days of British and International motor racing.

In my motor-inspired paintings, I aim to capture the unique ability of motorsports to trigger all your senses when you are immersed in the excitement and danger of the race tracks. There is nothing more exhilarating than the moment a fine classic car roars into the distance, leaving trails of smoke and the smell of burning rubber and fuel in the air, which you can almost taste.

Working onto tactile aluminium sheets, the classic car’s metallic body is perfectly translated. I employ a range of techniques and materials to create each piece, from collaged historical car memorabilia, to a layered grey haze of resin that mimics billowing smoke on the tracks. For some pieces I even use a power tool to polish up areas of the aluminium, emphasising the vehicle’s distinct contours.

You can see some details of my original motorsports and car paintings below, or visit my Motorsports Collection to view the full collection of classic car art.

Paul Kenton:

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