In November 2018, I set myself the challenge of completing an additional physical artwork every day for a whole year, alongside my normal work on larger studio paintings. Over the year of my '365 Project', I painted on my travels to various cities, landscapes and coastlines across the globe, as well as my everyday observations and favourite surf spots. "365", the NFT, brings together all 365 artworks to form one unique digital collage. Organised by colour, the finished artwork allows the viewer to appreciate the varied mix of works created, at a glance. The final placement of the pieces forms an abstract scene, reminiscent of a sunset surrounded by green rolling hills, setting over one of the beaches from my home in Devon, England.

Paul Kenton

To celebrate the completion date of the Paul Kenton / 365 Project in 2019, “365” will become available at auction on 21st November 2021. The collage is formed from digital photographs of all 365 paintings from the project. The paintings were photographed under professional studio conditions, using a Leica M (Type 240) rangefinder camera, paired with the Leica Summilux-M 1:1.4/35 lens for superlative colour depth and image quality, preserving the tones and textures of each source painting.

The minted NFT token is an uncompressed 50mb .jpg file measuring 10,000px x 8,000px. For the successful owner, a super-resolution 1.7GB uncompressed .tif version of the artwork will be unlocked, measuring an eyewatering 28,690px x 22,950px, allowing you to see every piece in the collection at practically HD size.

The winner of the auction will also receive a large fine art print of the collage, measuring 60 inches x 48 inches, signed by the artist. They will also receive a large fine art print of any piece of their own selection from the 365 collection, also signed by Paul.

The entire Paul Kenton / 365 Project can be viewed at the official website here:


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Introducing 365 Print Collection Sets