Urban Legends #2

This work was initiated by sampling selected original cityscape paintings created on sheets of aluminium. Energetic drips & splatters of colour imitate the vigorous movement and flashing fluorescent lights of Times Square, Manhattan. Reflections ripple like wavelengths on the rain covered streets, highlighting the power and energy charging through this iconic intersection. This is Urban Legends #2, forming one of two parts of the full New York City scene.

To create this NYC piece, the physical oil paintings were digitised using a Leica M (Type 240) rangefinder camera, paired with the Leica Summilux-M 1:1.4/35 lens for superlative colour depth and image quality, preserving the tones and textures of the source painting. The composite images were then enhanced and expanded upon through digital manipulation and motion to create the final NFT.

This work is now sold.

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