“365” NFT listed for auction with KnownOrigin

UPDATE: The auction has now started and bids are now being accepted on the piece.

In November 2018, Paul commenced on a year long painting journey, which grew to become the “365 Project“. To coincide with launch & end date of the experience, Paul is releasing a unique 1/1 NFT of the complete project. This one-of-a-kind digital artwork will be available at auction on the leading NFT Platform KnownOrigin from 21st November 2021  . With exclusive physical perks & unlocks available to the winning bidder, this is an exciting opportunity to obtain this special piece. The reserve price for the piece is 5 Ethereum and the auction opens on 21st November 2021. Once the first bid above the reserve is received, a 24 hour countdown to the end of the auction will commence. If any bids are received in the last 15 minutes, the end time will be extended by another 15 minutes, allowing the auction to end organically and fairly.

You can view the piece in Paul’s Digital Collection here, or simply visit the auction directly at KnownOrigin here. Please note, this is a digital artwork, known as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). For more information on NFTs, you can read the FAQ/guide page here, to learn more about this compelling and emerging art marketplace. Bidding at auctions and purchasing on NFT Marketplaces does require having a digital wallet with sufficient balance to cover any bids/purchases, so if you are hoping to to obtain the NFT, please leave enough time to set this up, if required, in advance of the start of the auction!

In November 2018, I set myself the challenge of completing an additional physical artwork every day for a whole year, alongside my normal work on larger studio paintings. Over the year of my '365 Project', I painted on my travels to various cities, landscapes and coastlines across the globe, as well as my everyday observations and favourite surf spots. "365", the NFT, brings together all 365 artworks to form one unique digital collage. Organised by colour, the finished artwork allows the viewer to appreciate the varied mix of works created, at a glance. The final placement of the pieces forms an abstract scene, reminiscent of a sunset surrounded by green rolling hills, setting over one of the beaches from my home in Devon, England.

Paul Kenton


NFT listed with KnownOrigin.io

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