‘There’s Nothing Abstract’ – An Abstract Original Painting by Paul Kenton.

122 x 117 cm, Oil Stick on Canvas, Abstract Original Painting by Contemporary Cityscape Artist Paul Kenton. Available to Purchase.

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“There's Nothing Abstract”


122 x 117 cm


Oil stick on canvas


Original Painting


Framing described below



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About “There's Nothing Abstract”

“Created in less than an hour, this large abstract piece using oil sticks was so much fun to do. Without any plan, I let the painting materialise organically, allowing my hand to do the thinking. I focused on enjoying the physical act of painting rather than being preoccupied with achieving a certain result - an approach akin to the 'action painting' of Jackson Pollock, one of my favourite artists. During the process, I found myself making sweeping gestural marks, resulting in a spontaneous combustion of colour and movement. As the oil stick became soft against the friction of the canvas, each mark began to clump together into a thick textured layer, creating a tactile surface, full of energy.”


Framed: 122 x 117 cm | Artwork only: 122 x 117 cm

Paul Kenton / 365

This painting was originally created by Paul as part of the Paul Kenton / 365 Project. You can click here to find out more about this painting in the context of the bigger project.

"There's Nothing Abstract"

Oil stick on canvas

Framing for "There's Nothing Abstract"

This piece was painted onto a boxed canvas. This is where the canvas wraps around the edge to the full depth of an internal wooden frame. In most instances, the painting itself then continues around onto this return. Please contact us to confirm if this is the case with this piece, as well as to establish the depth of the canvas.

Additional Information

All measurements relating to framed sizes are approximate. Please contact us if the sizing information requires precise measurements.

Limited Edition Prints of "There's Nothing Abstract" are available

This painting was created as part of the "Paul Kenton / 365 Project", and consequently, a limited print collection of 365 editions was established for each piece and are available to purchase.

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