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Painted whilst listening to jazz music, this painting exudes frantic rhythm

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Abstract Collection

Paul creates this striking collection of large-scale contemporary abstract paintings with bold gestural marks and vivid colour to achieve an illusion of depth, vigorous motion, and to ultimately express feeling.

Painted on a monumental scale, the viewer can immerse themselves within the many intertwining layers of luscious paint, and feel the energy and rhythm of Paul’s painting process.

You might also enjoy these other Abstract paintings from Paul's 365 Project. This was a year-long journey exploring a different range of mediums & working at sizes often smaller, than with his studio pieces. In many cases these formed the studies behind the larger studio works.

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To create my abstract works, I let the painting materialise organically, allowing my hand to do the thinking. I focus on enjoying the physical act of painting, rather than being preoccupied with achieving a certain result.
Expanse - Abstract Art Original Painting by UK Contemporary Artist Paul Kenton, from the Abstract Collection

We hope you enjoyed these abstract original paintings and prints by Paul Kenton.

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