Seascapes and Mountainscapes Collection

I am excited to present to you my new series of paintings – the Seascapes and Mountainscapes Collection! This dynamic collection brings together my love of surfing and the ocean, as well as my appreciation of majestic mountain skylines. Through these works I explore further my fascination with light, and how it interacts with the fluid translucence of the ocean, and collosal mountain faces.

As you may already know, I have been surfing for over 35 years, and have encountered some of the world’s most unruly and exciting oceans. Inspired by my experiences in the water, my seascape paintings capture the immense energy, power and motion of the sea, whilst also portraying it’s unique ability to offer calm and relief. Painted with many layers of translucent resin, these pieces emulate the sheer depths of the ocean. My seascapes glisten like water, as glossy liquid resin swirls and blends over the aluminium.

My mountainscape paintings also explore my fascination with the extremes of the natural world. I have scaled some of the highest mountains, blown away by the incredible light, exposed ruggedness and monumental scale. Reaching such foreign heights allows me to capture distance like never before, as far away mountains fade into the horizon. To realize these awe-inspiring skylines, thick oil paint is sculpted to form dramatic snow-topped peaks, and scraped across the aluminium to portray jagged mountain terrain.

To view all available original seascape paintings and original mountainscape paintings, please visit the Seascapes and Mountainscapes Collection.

Paul Kenton:

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