Paul Kenton, UK contemporary cityscape artist, in New York City gathering inspiration for new original paintings for his New York Collection

London / New York Collection Launch

After the fantastic reception of Paul Kenton’s Metallique collections, Paul launched his new collection ‘London / New York’ in March 2019, with his first solo exhibition in New York City. Organised by Castle Fine Art and hosted by Chase Contemporary Gallery in Chelsea in Manhattan, the exhibition featured paintings of two of Paul’s favourite cities – London and New...

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The Retro Collection by Paul Kenton, UK contemporary artist, retro inspired original paintings

Retro Collection

The Retro Collection is a new series of works by Paul Kenton, taking inspiration from his fond memories of growing up in the 1980s with the constant release of new and exciting technologies. The collection reflects a sense of the bold and progressive energy of the decade, with each painting bringing to life a classic symbol of 1980s pop...

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Metallique II – Glasgow 24th February 2018

Metallique II | Meet the artist. Paul will be visiting Castle Fine Art, Glasgow to present his latest collection of limited edition and original work, entitled Metallique II on Saturday 24th February from 1-3pm. Metallique II demonstrates a shift in both Paul’s style and medium of choice. Favouring the traditional support of canvas in his career to date, these...

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