Energetic cityscapes and abstracts of the Manhattan streets & skyline

New York Collection

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Featured New York Work

"Light Up The Dark"

The light of the city illuminates the sky softly, as taxis make their way through the animated streets of New York below.

View "Light Up The Dark"


Featured New York Work

"Towering Perspective"

Layers of textural linear marks accentuate the strong sense of direction and perspective in this unique New York piece

View "Towering Perspective"


Featured New York Work

"Bright Lights, Big City"

Bursting with colour, this painting encapsulates the non-stop energy of Times Square

"Bright Lights, Big City"

New York Collection

A frequent visitor to the New York streets, Paul is passionate about absorbing and drawing inspiration from this most dynamic of cities, hence reflected in this collection of original paintings and prints.

Possibly the most immediately identifiable skyline in the world, the Manhattan cityscape is utterly enthralling. Whilst there are many easily recognisable skyscrapers, walking the streets also feels intimately familiar, as the sights and sounds of a multitude of movies and tv shows surround you. Paul strives to bring this energy and intimacy into each piece. You can view the video of Paul’s latest New York plein air painting trip here

You might also enjoy these other New York paintings from Paul's 365 Project. This was a year-long journey exploring a different range of mediums & working at sizes often smaller, than with his studio pieces. In many cases these formed the studies behind the larger studio works.

New York Inspirations

Walk the streets of Manhattan with Paul

New York Hexaptych

6 piece set, each 21.5″ x 38.5″, Oils on Aluminium, Original Painting

Spanning six panels, this unique statement piece engulfs the viewer in the immense scale of the New York City skyline and its towering high-rise buildings. Like a long exposure photograph, dazzling streams of light weave throughout the painting, emulating the constant movement of traffic and people.


My cityscapes reflect the many moods of manmade landscapes; I find it exhilarating to express furious movement, artificial lights and the vibrancy of a busy city centre at night as well as the subtler moods of a misty dawn at the same venue

thoughts on Cityscapes

Paul Kenton, UK cityscape artist, plein air painting at Manhattan Bridge, New York in preparation for new original paintings

Paul Kenton plein air explorations

Manhattan Bridge, New York, October 2018

We hope you enjoyed these New York cityscape original paintings and prints by Paul Kenton.

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