Motorsports and automotive original paintings


Motorsports Collection

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Motorsports Collection

The finest cars and motors are presented in all their glory in these motorsports and classic car original paintings. A passionate motor enthusiast, Paul created his Motorsports Collection to celebrate the halcyon days of glamourous British and International motor racing.

The thrill, speed and roaring sound of the race tracks is brought to life on tactile aluminium sheets through collage, paint and resin.

Motorsports Collection - Inspiration

A short film highlighting Paul's inspirations and motivations behind creating the collection

I am constantly looking for new opportunities and scenes to capture within my work, my head is bursting with ideas for paintings and there’s just not enough time in the day to paint them all. I don’t know exactly where my painting will take me next, but I do know that maybe the journey is more important than the final destination.

Thoughts on inspiration

Mini Red by Paul Kenton, UK Contemporary artist, an original painting from his Motorsports collection

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Most of the footage in this video made to showcase Paul’s motorsports Collection was filmed at Goodwood Revival, an annual race meeting staged entirely in period costume: a celebration of bygone days, vintage fashion and wheel-to-wheel racing around this classic circuit, which remains unchanged since its heyday. A must-visit for fans of classic car and automotive history! You can learn more about Goodwood Revival here.

Paul is a lover of restoring classic cars and is always on the lookout for the next classic car restoration journey. Take a look of this list, from ‘Classic & Sports Car‘, of some of the very best barn finds, where some lucky automotive enthusiasts unearthed some original and historic classic automobiles! You can read the article here: The 35 greatest barn-finds of all time

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