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Autumn Awakens

Layer upon layer of thick oil paint creates the impression of a rich and dense woodland.

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Landscapes Collection

The Landscape Collection portrays the ever-changing light, colour and emotion of nature. Like impressionist painters before him such as Monet, Paul's landscape paintings are painted with visible thick strokes and vibrant colour to create the illusion of the landscape and environment being in constant motion.

Taking inspiration from views that stopped him in his tracks whilst exploring the landscape, the paintings in this collection depict scenes such as golden autumnal woodlands and tranquil lily ponds.

You might also enjoy these other Landscape paintings from Paul's 365 Project. This was a year-long journey exploring a different range of mediums & working at sizes often smaller, than with his studio pieces. In many cases these formed the studies behind the larger studio works.

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Paul Kenton / 365

Learn more about Paul's 365 Project, which contains a wide selection of Original Landscape Paintings

I have always been fascinated by the ability of water to reflect light and the ever-changing conditions of nature.
Water Lily Reflections by Paul Kenton, UK Contemporary artist, a Monet inspired original oil painting

We hope you enjoyed these landscape original paintings and prints by Paul Kenton.

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Also, you can visit the following websites to learn more about Impressionism and the Impressionist painters, such as Claude Monet, that inspire Paul’s original landscape paintings: Wikipedia – Impressionism | The National Gallery – Guide to Impressionism

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