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Featured Paris Work

"Parisien Calm"

Flowing layers of watercolour blend and feather together to capture the soft hazy light glowing from a Parisien café

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"Parisien Life"

Shimmering metallic paint and dripped lines form this relaxed French café scene

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Paris Collection

Paul finds endless inspiration in Paris, with cosy cafés at every corner, grand streets, and beautiful metro stations; not to mention the rich history of art and culture. These original paintings and prints capture Paris’ charming café scenes, street scenes and cityscape.

"What an immense impression Paris made upon me. It is the most extraordinary place in the world!" Charles Dickens

You might also enjoy these other Paris paintings from Paul's 365 Project. This was a year-long journey exploring a different range of mediums & working at sizes often smaller, than with his studio pieces. In many cases these formed the studies behind the larger studio works.

View all Paris paintings in the Paul Kenton / 365 project

I am constantly looking for new opportunities and scenes to capture within my work, my head is bursting with ideas for paintings and there’s just not enough time in the day to paint them all. I don’t know exactly where my painting will take me next, but I do know that maybe the journey is more important than the final destination.

Thoughts on inspiration

Metro Fair by Paul Kenton, UK contemporary cityscape artist, an original painting from his Paris Collection

We hope you enjoyed these Paris cityscape original art paintings and prints by Paul Kenton.

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