Cassette Tape

Hit rewind, set Dolby Noise Reduction and press play on your favourite mix tape!

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Test Card TV

Inspired by the block shapes and colours of the BBC Test Card

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Ghetto Blaster

Capturing a sense of the immense sound and energy of the iconic 1980s Ghettoblaster

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Bright textural paint and gleaming aluminium form this lively portrayal of the typewriter

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Film Camera

Abstraction and photographic imagery overlap to create this striking homage to the film camera

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Retro Collection

Drawing on his memories of growing up in the 1980s and classic symbols of eighties pop culture, Paul created this collection of retro inspired original paintings.

Vibrant neon paint is dripped, poured and scraped over the metal reflecting a sense of the restlessness of the 1980s with its non-stop development of exciting new technologies.


Where did the idea for a Retro Collection originate?

You might also enjoy these other Retro paintings from Paul's 365 Project. This was a year-long journey exploring a different range of mediums & working at sizes often smaller, than with his studio pieces. In many cases these formed the studies behind the larger studio works.

The Retro Collection by Paul Kenton, UK contemporary artist, retro inspired original paintings

Retro Collection 2019

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