‘Manhattan Showers’ – A New York Street Canvas Original Painting by Paul Kenton.

60" x 96", Mixed Media on Canvas. Pedestrians dash for shelter on a rainy afternoon in New York. New York Street Canvas Original Painting by Contemporary Cityscape Artist Paul Kenton. Available to Purchase.

Details of this piece


“Manhattan Showers”


60" x 96"


Mixed Media on Canvas


Original Painting





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Manhattan Showers

60″ x 96″

Mixed Media on Canvas

In Manhattan Showers, pedestrians dash for shelter on a rainy afternoon in New York. The rain adds an extra glow to the Manhattan streets, which reflect the lights radiating from inside buildings. Glistening metallic paint gives the surface of the piece a beautiful sheen, when it catches the light. Paul paints with fluid brushstrokes and finishes with his dripping technique, to further create the impression of rainfall and rapid movement. Using a limited palette, Paul adds hints of bold red to draw your eye into the piece.

‘Manhattan Showers’ is an Original New York Cityscape Painting by Paul Kenton. To explore more pieces like this canvas painting of a bustling New York street, please view the New York Collection.  If you are heading for the Big Apple soon and rain is looking likely, check out this list of the best things to do on a rainy day in New York City.  Paul regularly visits New York to continue to find new urban landscapes and skylines for inspiration. You can join Paul on one of these trips in this video from his YouTube channel here. Likewise, this video shows Paul working on”New York Hexaptych”. Spanning six panels, this unique statement piece engulfs the viewer in the immense scale of the New York City skyline and its towering high-rise buildings. The video features a great soundtrack by Blues Funk Orchestra/Utril Rhaburn, filmed in Central Park on the last day of the trip.

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