Motorsports Collection

As some of you may already know, I am a classic car enthusiast and my fascination with their timeless mechanics and design has lead me to restore several cars in my time. My Motorsports Collection celebrates these prized vintage motors and pays homage to the halcyon days of British and International motor racing. In my motor-inspired paintings, I aim...

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Tube of Paint, Live Painting Session

As one of my daily paintings streamed live on my Instagram, I painted a one hour gouache study of a tube of paint, to show how I create a realistic still-life. Focussing on capturing the direction of light hitting the object and observing reflected colour, I work to give the paint tube a three-dimensional quality, and the illusion of...

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New York Hexaptych

I’m really excited to share with you one of my latest paintings New York Hexaptych, created in response to my recent New York trips which you can read all about in my London/New York journal post. Especially when visiting Manhattan I’m always stunned by the way the reflections in the glass & metal in the skyscrapers surrounding you continually...

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London / New York

I have always wanted to pair these two vibrant cities, as I am captivated by the similarities they share in their immense scale, diverse culture and non-stop liveliness. What an incredible experience! It has forever been a dream of mine to exhibit in New York, and in March 2019 this finally became a reality. After months of painting and...

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Retro Collection

The Retro Collection marks a new area of experimentation in my art practice – combining realism and abstraction to create a painting which is simultaneously both detailed and blurred. I’m thrilled to reveal to you my Retro Collection, featuring five new paintings each inspired by a classic symbol of 1980s pop culture – the ghettoblaster, tv, film camera, typewriter...

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Shard Reflections, live pastel drawing session

Here’s another one of my daily drawings, which you can catch live on my Instagram every day. In this video, you can watch me capture the strong reflections cast on the River Thames on a bright day in London. Working from sketches I did on a boat on the River Thames, I had just 30 minutes to complete this...

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