Live Now! – The Full 365 Project Website

I’m happy to let you know that the full 365 Project website is now live! All 365 original artworks are available to purchase, as well as limited edition prints of every painting. Exciting features of the website include a walk-around virtual gallery exhibition of the collection, and an augmented reality app that allows you to preview an artwork on...

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Coming Soon – Paul Kenton / 365

I am so excited to share with you that my 365 project is coming soon! Please sign up to the 365 Newsletter to get all my latest project updates and offers. Back in November 2018, I set myself the challenge of completing a whole year of daily painting. What followed was an amazing 365-day art journey. With every painting,...

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Seascapes and Mountainscapes Collection

I am excited to present to you my new series of paintings – the Seascapes and Mountainscapes Collection! This dynamic collection brings together my love of surfing and the ocean, as well as my appreciation of majestic mountain skylines. Through these works I explore further my fascination with light, and how it interacts with the fluid translucence of the...

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New York Blues – Giant Times Square Painting Session

As an artist, you never lose the drive to learn, so I often find myself with the urge to experiment with something new and out of my comfort zone. Last week, I had one of those experimental days! I set up a large 2m x 3m canvas in my studio, covering the surrounding area with plastic sheets to allow...

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The Motorsports Collection by Paul Kenton, UK Contemporary artist, paintings of classic cars and automotive memorabilia

Motorsports Collection

As some of you may already know, I am a classic car enthusiast and my fascination with their timeless mechanics and design has lead me to restore several cars in my time. My Motorsports Collection celebrates these prized vintage motors and pays homage to the halcyon days of British and International motor racing. In my motor-inspired paintings, I aim...

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Tube of Paint, Live Painting Session

As one of my daily paintings streamed live on my Instagram, I painted a one hour gouache study of a tube of paint, to show how I create a realistic still-life. Focussing on capturing the direction of light hitting the object and observing reflected colour, I work to give the paint tube a three-dimensional quality, and the illusion of...

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