Goodwood Revival

Having spent a long and happy weekend soaking up the sights and sounds of Goodwood Revival 2017, I wanted to produce artwork that reflected our rich heritage of British motor racing. Celebrating the halcyon days of glamorous British motor racing, my passion for cars was indulged through Goodwood Revival’s unique atmosphere. My paintings aim to capture the speed, style...

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En Plein Air

The feeling I get when exploring cities on foot, is unlike any other.  I’m on constant look out for new angles and aim to immerse myself in the moment.  Painting en plein air is all about removing myself from the four walls of my studio and experiencing the true sense of dynamic painting. Painting urban nightscapes on location is...

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Collaboration with Richard Smith Bespoke

Richard Smith contacted me with the idea of a collaboration. Richard is a tailor and through his company Richard Smith Bespoke makes beautiful handmade suits. I loved the idea of combining my paintings with Richard’s materials and expert tailoring skills. Paul We have been bouncing a few ideas around between us, I have been experimenting with painting on some...

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Cold Water Swimmer

For a long time now I have wanted to create a piece of art using live music as a source of inspiration. I am fortunate enough to know two incredibly talented musicians; Pete Bruntnell and Dave Little who live local to me and were well up for coming into my painting studio for the day to play some music, drink...

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The Big Apple

I have just got back in the studio after spending four days in New York. New York is one of my favourite cities to paint, and the best way for me to get a proper feel for a place is to go and immerse myself in the city. New York is so lively and vibrant, with such a busy...

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Kenton Car!

I was at a recent artists exhibition where I bumped into some friends from Art Market in Cottingham and they have customised their car with one of my paintings. I’ve painted an Egg, and an Elephant before, but never had my work appear on a car, so if your ever in the Cottingham / West Yorkshire area keep your...

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