Retro Collection

The Retro Collection is a new series of works by Paul Kenton, taking inspiration from his fond memories of growing up in the 1980s with the constant release of new and exciting technologies. The collection reflects a sense of the bold and progressive energy of the decade, with each painting bringing to life a classic symbol of 1980s pop culture, including the Film Camera, Ghettoblaster, Test Card TV, Typewriter and Cassette Tape.

Much like the 1980s relics depicted, the paintings are tactile with a lively textured surface. Paul dripped, poured and scraped vibrant neon paint across the aluminium, leaving some areas of aluminium exposed to bring the objects into sharp focus as they reflect nearby light.

The Retro Collection signals a new direction in Paul’s art practice, in which he explores the “invigorating effects” of combining realism and abstraction in one piece. You can read more about Paul’s journey to creating this collection in his Retro Collection journal post.

You can view the paintings in Paul’s new Retro Collection in more detail on the Retro Collection page, and visit the Gallery to view Paul’s other available paintings.

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