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Latest Work

"Parisien Calm"

This piece evokes memories of quiet strolls through the Parisien streets, stumbling upon charming cafés that radiate an inviting glow.

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Watercolour Collection

Through fine layers of watercolour in combination with rich black ink, this new collection captures the powerful depth, unique atmosphere and mesmerising light of cities such as New York, Paris and Venice.

Within these paintings, Paul employs the luminous effects of watercolour on paper to depict light in the urban landscape, whether that be the glistening rain-slicked streets of New York, or the endearing glow radiating from inside a quiet Parisian café.

Painted by splashing, dripping, blotting, and washing, these dynamic works are soaked in deep saturated colour and bursting with energy. Paul paints onto thick rough Indian paper for some of the pieces, which grants a distinct texture and character as the pigment pools in the dimples of the paper.

Beautifully framed to complement the individual qualities of each painting, these new watercolour pieces hold an impressive presence. The Indian paper paintings are framed with a unique ‘float mounting’ technique to reveal all of their fantastic ‘torn’ edges, and to create the illusion that the artwork is floating, making for a statement finished piece.

Colour is such a powerful tool… Use it well, and a piece just exudes liquid energy

On colour

Blurred Lines - Original New York Taxi Painting by UK Cityscape Artist Paul Kenton, from the Watercolour Collection

"Blurred Lines"

Watercolour & Ink

We hope you enjoyed these original watercolour paintings and prints by Paul Kenton.

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If you are interested in seeing how Paul creates watercolour paintings like these, you can visit his YouTube channel to watch a selection of Paul’s live watercolour painting demonstrations: Live Painting – YouTube

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