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Paul Kenton

UK Contemporary Artist

Paul Kenton is an acclaimed UK artist, renowned for his dazzling cityscape, skyline and street scenes.

The Art of Paul Kenton

Paul Kenton is a UK-based contemporary artist, acclaimed for his cityscape paintings which capture the unique energy of cities across the world. Paul’s paintings aim to transport the viewer, giving them a sense of the distinctive mood, pace and light of a scene, through layers of bold colour, dripped lines and gestural paint marks. His intuitive and energetic painting approach gives fluidity and life to otherwise rigid urban structures. Paul is constantly exploring new ideas for paintings, drawing not only from cityscapes, but also from his fascination with motorsport, the sea and pop culture. Paul currently displays his work in over 40 galleries across the UK, and also exhibits on occasion in New York.

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In contrast to other countries I visit, painting in the UK offers so many opportunities to paint during and after rainfall. I have come to love this quirk of British weather, as the rain-coated streets provide a mirrored surface, reflecting beautiful light and colour.

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